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ACT: the Passengers on the Bus

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) uses the very powerful "passengers on the bus" metaphor in order to describe emotions and learn to handle them appropriately.

The Passengers on the Bus - Choose Your Own Adventure YouTube series is an excellent illustration of how this metaphor can be used to improve our responses to various emotions, feelings, and thoughts we experience in our daily lives.

The first video simulates a scenario in which you (the viewer) are a bus driver who encounters a difficult situation. You are asked to make a choice at the end of the video, which will determine which video you see next.

This amazing project was created by Alison Stapleton, an expert in behavioral psychology and PhD student at University College Dublin, where she researches rule-governed behavior in accordance with Relational Frame Theory, one of the theories underpinning ACT.

If you are curious about her other work, you can follow Alison on Twitter and on ResearchGate.

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