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    Behavioral Dietetics
    Aymeric de Poyen – Registered Dietitian and Nutritionist
    Take care of yourself, making peace with your body and your cravings

Aymeric de Poyen

Registered dietitian and nutritionist

Eager to lose weight while making peace with your body and cravings? Need to handle a metabolic disorder with more confidence and no frustration?

Ready to explore an approach to eating that truly focuses on the dieter instead of just the diet?

Welcome to this website, where I share my thoughts and perspectives on behavioral dietetics, where nutrition, biology, and behavioral sciences meet. I am especially interested in the intersection between intuitive eating and healthy diets, as well as binge-eating disorders and addictions.

The English section of this website is still under development, and I currently do not offer consultations in English, although I hope to do so in the future. In the meantime, you can read my articles or, if you can speak French and wish to book a behavioral dietetics appointment, have a look at my online schedule.

Aymeric de Poyen behavioral dietitian and nutritionist
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Tel : 07 69 68 67 15
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